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Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's it like to be a parent of an Aspie?

For those of you who have no idea of what it's like to be a parent of an autistic child, this may give you a glimpse into my world just for a few minutes. Let me explain the highlights of our last few weeks in the Stull-Rohde household. It begins with 2 ingredients: a bottle of superglue and a pair of lips. The second incident involved a can of white spray paint and a pair of hands. On with more, including a 2 day suspension from school, several instances of bullying at school, and flushing a yogurt container in our home toilet. I'm ending my explanation with an Internet virus caught. There was more incidents during this short time period, but I think I got my point across.

Yes, instances of anger and thoughts of shouting out #&@! But so much laughter has occured as well with thoughts of how glad I am to be my sons momma too. I love my son very much, life would be so dull without him. I truly believe and know why God chose us to be together as mother and son.

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