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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Special Hockey Team

Now that Jacobs mood has leveled out considerably, we felt it would be good for him to begin to get him involved in some sort of team sport. He really could use some physical exercise, more social interaction, plus boost his confidence and self esteem. However finding the right type of team has been difficult . A typical team would not be suitable due to the competitiveness and he would surely not enjoy himself or thrive. With a lot of sports for this age bracket, including the ones at school, Jake would have to try out to make the team roster. Most likely he would not make the team due to his athletic nature, (most kids with ASD have impaired motor functions). Another thing would hinder Jacob being on a regular team is his cognitive ability. Jake has difficulty understanding the sports rules and regulations so he may fully understand all areas of the sport. He may: pass the ball to an opponent, run the opposite way that he needs to, get distracted and lose focus, or not move quickly enough. In response, other children have been known to get angry at him because of his lack of abilities, and this upsets everyone.

We were introduced to a hockey team for kids that are cognitively impaired via one of his school teachers at the beginning of October. It sounded like a good thing for Jacob to be involved in because of this team being non-competitive, and also all the players start out not knowing how to skate. Perfect for our son since he is not a natural athlete! He has never been on the ice before either. The kids are not judged how fast they skate, or any other ability, or disability. It is an amazing organization! There are plenty of encouraging coaches that work with the children, volunteering their time. I am truly grateful to find this organization! Go STARS!

Jacob has been pleased at himself picking up skating quickly. I can see this his smiles when he is out on the rink, along with all the other kids. It's so much fun watching the them as they are taught a new skill and begin to accomplish it.

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