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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Three Steps Forward Two Steps Back

I was just bragging this afternoon to my friend over lunch on how well Jacob was doing in school in every single subject. Boasting on how he has never has learned so much and what a turn around he has made. Never speak too soon! When will I ever learn? The school called before the end of the school day and told me that Jacob got suspended and that I needed to come by the office and talk with the Vice Principal. My heart dropped. "What now?" I said to myself.

I remained pretty level headed and calm during the meeting with the Vice Principal, so I was able to stay composed. I have been known to fall apart into tears during other similar circumstances. Luckily the VP was very easy to talk to ad listened to what I had to say about Jacob. There's nothing worse than having a one sided conversation from a judging school faculty member, and walking out embarrassed and angry . She seemed very understanding, but also had to enforce the school policy despite Jacobs disability.

I was planning to talk to Jake the next day after we it sunk in a little and we both were calm to find out what this was all about, and also to think how can we handle this at home. In the mean time, I was not too happy with my son about taking days off work because of an incident that happened at school.

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