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Sunday, August 1, 2010

This summer was different than most. Jake spent most of his time inside, rather than out. We had a bad experience in early summer of camping when the weather was uncomfortably hot and Jake implanted that in his mind, (of extreme heat), and refused to do any outdoor activities.

Jacob is usually bouncing around from activity to activity, inside, outside, inside, outside. Taking a ride on his bike then coming home and sword fighting by himself in the backyard. After that, coming inside to make a shield out of duct tape, playing a video game, then maybe a phone call to a friend. He goes from one activity to another very quickly. But not this summer.

For days I haven't see a smile on the kids face. For days I don't hear laughter from him about a silly thing that happened on TV. He just wants to play video games and sit and play on the computer. I can't even bribe him to go out and do his favorite activities. He does not want to do anything I suggest.

This summer I have dragged him along to a few weekend get-a-ways with me. And when he is away, and out of this environment, I get my Jacob back. He is smiling and happy, which makes me happy. He has enjoyed fishing up north, the water parks, and seeing his cousins.

I am wondering where is my son? I miss him laughing and repeating inappropriate jokes about farts. There's nothing in the world that is better than hearing your child giggle. But when you don't hear those giggles anymore, your heart just sinks.

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