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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6th Grade Coming To An End

Jake finished up the rest of the school year taken out of the mainstream classroom and placed in the resource room for the entire school day. Working with a wonderful special-ed teacher at his own pace, he made extraordinary academic strides because of the change. He has learned more in the last weeks in an secluded environment than in an all inclusive environment. He was able to feel more comfortable with a room filled with bean bag chairs, and rocking chair at his disposal. The teachers were amazing people, they constantly reassured him throughout the day, helped him organize his space, and led him by the hand step by step throughout each day. They were always close by and came to his aid when he needed them. Remembering Jacobs capacity for stimulation, his grade level, anxiety issues, inability to problem solve, and maturity level, he flourished. Also importantly they were there to handle any type of social situation that occurred between Jake and other students. I'm sure the teacher were exhausted at the end of each day because he required higher than average attention than regular students, and I was so grateful! This is exactly what Jacob has needed while attending school. . He has never experienced this type of teachers EVER. I am convinced this is the type of school environment he needs to learn to his highest capacity.

The teacher tried many forms of teaching methods and incentives to prompt Jacob to do his best work. She found the TEACH method using 3 pieces of work was what made Jacob accelerate. After those 3 pieces of work was completed, Jacob could then do what he chooses for 10 minutes or so (read in the rocking chair, etc). After all this time, Jacob is getting the support he needed for academic success.

His behavior at home has turned around 180 degrees. He was not so uptight, his sleeping patterns finally were going back to normal, he was not always worried about school and refusing to go, the crying after school had stopped. The pressure was all off of Jacob and he used it to excel.

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