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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More About the Change

March, 2010

After waiting over 2 weeks, I told Jake he would be transferring schools. Although I was not sold on the idea, I tried to play it up to him that this would be a good thing and I was on board with it. Of coarse immediately he saw it as he was leaving his favorite teacher of all time, and of coarse reacted unfavorably as I suspected he would.

Now we were into the month of March, there's not much left of the school year. All of a sudden I get a phone call from the psychologist telling me that he had contacted the school were Jacob was to be transferred to and there was absolutely no room for him. The plan has changed, again. Jacob is to stay put at his current elementary school and continue to have all classes in the RCR until there is room for him. At this point, I was frustrated, angry and elated. Frustrated at the way all this took place, telling me he HAD to completely change schools, then say "oops, there's no room for him", then telling us that Jacob can stay where he is most comfortable. Angry that I just got done telling Jacob, and I got him all upset. Elated because I know this is the best place for Jacob to be to learn for the rest of the year. *&%!
Hopefully this post makes sense, can you tell I'm mad!

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