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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just When We Think We're On the Right Track....

February, 2010 Meeting with the Team

The team met back to check Jacobs progress on how he was doing regarding his new placement,and the psychologist from the school has informed me that Jacob cannot continue to stay where he has been placed, in the resource room(RCR).

He stated me that the "resource room is not set up for a student to be in their full time". It is set up for kids to come in for only intermittent help, or small group instruction for a certain subject. Mind you, the psychologist has gotten reports from Jacobs teacher and myself about Jacobs improved postive changes. Since the change has been so positive, Ken and I thought that Jacob would just be spending the rest of his school days in the RCR. We certainly did not want our Jake to go back into the main classroom and we certainly did not expect this news today.

At this point, my smile and heart just dropped. He spoke that Jacob need to enter a DIFFERENT school within our district, and be placed into a smaller classroom size, and this needed to happen AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. He told us Jacob could definately not stay at his current school and had to move. What a shocker, I didn't know what to say! I reiterated Jacobs progress and asked if he could stay. His answer was "no".

If I knew now, what I didn't know then, I believe this meeting would of ended differently. I would of stopped the meeting right then, and called in the guns (a professional advocate). Ignorantly, I accepted what the psychologist had told me. I thought I had no choice; what ever the school says, it had to be done.

Oh no! All I'm thinking was, Jacob HATES change! Jacob does not transition well at all! This will be a disaster! The turnaround that he has made, will come to an end, and he will be back, if not worse than where he was a month or so ago. Telling me he hates himself, telling me he hates everyone. The meltdowns....

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