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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Within 3 days of his all-day move to the resource room, Jacobs mood has turned around 360 degrees. In the first full week, I caught him singing in the car on the way to school . What a switch! Instead of tears running down his face after school, yelling trying to explain what happened, he jumped into the car said "I'm having the BEST DAY EVER!" No ranting at night about the other kids at school, upset that he was punished for something or what he would be punished for in the future, no crying how he felt worthless, less arguing with his brother and myself. Our evenings were actually becoming enjoyable and peaceful. He even got along with his 5 year-old cousins, which normally he had a short fuse towards on the weekend. That was amazing!

Of coarse I shared this change with his resource room teacher, and I thanked her up and down for all her hard work she has been putting in. I realize her room is not set up for a student to be in there full time, and she had so completely change around her schedule plus come up with a daily work plan for my son. I also added I would help her in any way she needed: coming into the room and working with other children, whatever she needed.

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