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Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1, 2009

POSITIVE NOTES The communication is flowing between school and home. Jacob continues to feel safe and comfortable in the RCR, and his new classroom. It is obvious that is the key to his academic success this year. Surprising me to, his memory has improved a great deal! For instance remembering to pass along a school paper, or to take his violin for orchestra class on a particular day was nonexistent, until these past few weeks. Its like something in has brain is finally making a connection. It's amazing! Another pleasant change, at the end of school day, his mood seems to be more stable. I am very proud of my kid for working to the best of his abilities every day.

Socially, Jake is still having daily problems with a certain peers pushing his buttons. The staff had tried to work with him, giving solutions on how to respond to the other child when he irritates him, and I have reinforced those same things at home. Now Jake just has to put those solutions to use, which normally he has a problem following through with. He can be told over and over what to say and how to respond but in the heat of the moment, he won't do it. He freezes.

Today I attended a K-8 school in a nearby school district for Autistic children. Actually it was an open house for the students and their parents. .I liked what I saw and am thinking that this may be a place for Jake. I spoke with some of the teachers about the curriculum and got an overall feeling of the school and need to find out more. There is a lengthy application process and waiting list (maybe a year) to attend so I need to get on the ball if this is a possibility. I am thinking it may be a good thing for Jake next year since he will be switching to Middle School.

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