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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


3rd WEEK - I would say one of areas that is most difficult for Jacob is socially. How to deal with other children in particular situations. Already there seems to be one boy in the classroom who pushes Jake's buttons. Its very difficult for Jake to just ignore the kid, and for him to understand that the kid probably is doing it just to get a rise out of him. Oh boy, I feel this will be getting sticky soon! I will visit the teacher after school to figure out what we can do this before this escalates.

Not a good day today. Besides having an aggravating cold,he did not have a pleasant day. Upon getting into the car after school, my son handed me a note on a crumpled piece of paper. Part of it read "Mom I pinched my finger in my desk and said a swear word....... You have to sign it", Jake said, as he was sobbing and trying to make excuses that another kid was making him angry, that the other kid also swears and never gets in trouble, and many more excuses. Of coarse I was angry and did the wrong thing by lecturing him about controlling his words. I thought writing me a note was a good lesson from the teacher, and I am taking away his reward he gets at the end of the week for good behavior.

I am tickled that the school is taking the following issue seriously, and has come up with a solution. Consistently over the years, Jacob has complained about the lunch room. He has a problem with the noise, smells, and the close proximity of others around him. It prevents him from eating and enjoying his lunch. So the school has made the accommodation to eat in another room. I explained to my son that now this issue is in his hands, that this is a solution however its up to him to follow through and go to the other room. I sure hope he takes advantage of this!

Another good note, I have looked over Jake's work papers that he has brought home. I was pleasantly surprised on how complete his work is! I expressed to him I was very proud of him and I could tell he was really putting in the effort on his assignments! I see a big difference having a para-pro in the classroom to help the special ed students.

2nd WEEK - It doesn't take that long for us to get on the good side of a new teacher. Now I feel like I have to kiss butt to get on her good side . I have to find out what she likes; Pepsi, nuts, chocolate.... A phone call from school came in explaining how my well behaved son let it slip that his teacher was a "pain in the ass". Although this did not surprise me much, I could picture Jacob saying that, and was not sympathetic toward him.
It was explained to me that he had a trip to the principals office, and detention for the remainder of the day due to his actions. As a consequence from me, he needed to write an apology note to his teacher and give it to her first thing the next morning. Of coarse I was angry, as this has been a continuing issue all summer (swearing). I was terribly embarrassed as a parent so I wrote her an email apologizing for his behavior. She acknowledged my note in a sweet manner, and told me Jacob had talked it out with her.

1st WEEK - that effected him, and felt they needed to All in all, the week turned out to be better than I expected. However Friday there was a meltdown after school. Jake had been in the main classroom all day, without any breaks or going to his safe heaven, the resource room, and it was just too much sensory input for him. Especially the math really got to him he said. Jake was frustrated because the subject was way over his head. He did not understand the concept, leaving him to feel over whelmed. In addition the noise from the other classmates made him feel nervous and irritated. I learned the reason why Jake spent all day in the main classroom was because the teacher wanted to get to know him better, she did not want him to disappear to another room. I'm not sure if the teacher recognized Jake's frustration level and knows what he does when he is unable to handle a lot of stimulus so I wrote an email to them explaining how know of his meltdown after school.

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