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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The First Day as a 6th Grader - September 2009

The first day started out rocky. Poor Jacob was nervous about an incident that happened the previous day on the Internet. One of his favorite past times is on-line gaming so we discuss computer manners that he should have, possible kooks, and how to protect himself. The day before to school he was playing his favorite on-line game, and another player kept asking for Jake's real name and where he went to school. This person was persistent and Jacob became real nervous. Right after this incident he told me what had happened. Of coarse I reviewed their conversation on the computer, then praised Jacob for his good reaction to it all (not giving out any personal information and blocking him on the game). It could have been just an annoying child, or a weirdo. Anyhow, this stuck with Jacob throughout the rest of the day, it ran through his mind constantly. It evolved and escalated in his head and he came to the conclusion that a bad guy was stalking him and wanted to take him. Despite my reassurances that he was safe, Jake was still very nervous and insisted that someone was watching him, & didn't want to school because that person was going to take him out of the school and I would never see him again. As a mom, it just rips my heart out because I try the best I can to comfort my little guy, but feel that it only helps a small amount. I know that he was not playing tricks on me to avoid going to school in the morning, his behavior was genuine. He was truly paranoid.
It was a rough night, and the next morning arrived. I convinced Jacob he needed to go to school, and that he would be safe. Upon greeting his wonderful teacher that was not seen all summer he explained to her nervously that he "met an online predator". I told to her what had happened so she was aware of what was going through Jacobs mind, and would be able to deal with that issue if it came up. The halls were buzzing with kids, and quickly Jake became involved talking with one of his friends. So I wished him a happy day and went on my way.
During the 3 1/2 hours he was at school, I did not receive a phone call from them, WHEW!!! Upon getting in the car he had a big smile on his face, and he said he had a great day!

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