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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Before School Starts - September 2009

5 days before school starts - All is well in our household. I feel like there is an excitement brewing. My mood toward getting back to school is changing from being sad to positive. I was thinking about the summer ending, but now I am thinking about getting back to a routine, and giving the kids a break from one another. The arguing has become thick among Zack and Jake, and my patience is wearing thin these days! I'm also happily reporting Jacob is geeked about his new teacher! He found out who he is getting in the regular classroom, and is happy because she presented some animals last year to the rest of the school. I even think Zack is happy to get back to see his high school buddies although he won't admit it. The only person in our house that the new routine will not effect is Ken (my hubby, whom I never mention). I am the one who tends to the kids and their needs such as school, appointments, and activities. This weekend Jake and I have some plans to go camping for a few days, just to squeeze out a few more happy summer memories before school begins.

All in all it was a good summer vacation. All the pressure's of school were off, and it was time for Jake to relax. We did one week long excursion to a water park and an up north town, and had some weekenders including camping. Jake had some good times and discovered a new hobby, fishing. Didn't matter what kind of equipment he had, which lake he was fishing on, or even if he caught anything. I believe this will continue to be one of his new loves. He also continued will his fascination with on-line gaming. I am careful as to which games he signs up for and take in consideration Jacobs age. He has found a few age appropriate ones with limited violence in them that he enjoys with his friends. Additionally, quite a lot of time was spent with Jake's two friends this summer over each others houses. It was good for me to see him mixing with his peers. It seemed as though he grew mentally over these few short months. He wanted to take on more responsibilities.

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