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Saturday, August 1, 2009

May 2009

Can another month be just as stressful?

Myself having depression, dealing with my other (teenage) sons adolescent behavior, along with usual marital issues & trying to be on top of Jacobs problems are causing unmanageable stress. I am wishing for a time- warp, forward to the end of school days. I know then everything will become more manageable then. If I am feeling this way, I can't imagine what Jacob is going through.

I do feel fortunate to of met my new group of moms, I believe its just what I need!

May 1 - Tonight I met a Dr. Mark Bowers. He was the speaker at our support group, and whom I think I will look further into. Dr. Bowers does assessments, councils adolescents and holds social groups for children. Hope to connect with him with Jake this summer if my financials allow. His office does not bill the insurance company, its up to the patient. And just a note, a lot of what he does (therapies) is not covered by our insurance. He seems like he has a good philosophy on Aspergers.

How are folks like me supposed to get the care that our children need to: develop further, grow and flourish when we don't have the financial backbone?? I am already swamped with large co-pays for docs and medications. How can one afford to pay $100 hour out of pocket for therapies???? Several therapy sessions are needed to make any impact. I have basically cleaned out my bank account getting individual therapy for Jacob for 9 months. There has to be some resources out there.

May 5 - I just found out about ARC. An organization that can send a live person with me to our school IEP, and make sure Jake is getting all the help that's entitled to him. Amazing!! I wish I would of found out about this earlier! I'm very frustrated about trying to get information, yet it drives me to find answers! Another resource given by my support group! Thanks Dawn!

Jacobs phone call full of anxiety today. He could not find the book he checked out to return to the school library. He said if he could not find it, he was going to get supervised lunch today. I tried to calm him down the best I could, but he was still crying over the phone. Upon evening he had a headache from all the anxiety, and had a very hard time sleeping. We are still continuing the melatonin, but its not working as well as it has.

May 6 - A phone call from his teacher, and finally handed the phone over to Jacob. He was stressed out with an incident that happened with some peers and he was afraid to go into the classroom. The teacher could not get him to do any work, however he settled down by the afternoon and was able to focus and do much better. Thank you teachers for your patience!!!

May 8 - Another sleepless night-Jake finally fell asleep by morning and slept all the way to 3pm. A whole day off for him, but better at home resting up, than in school uncooperative.

May 15 - The appointment with his pediatrician didn't go as well as I liked. It was to re-evaluate his meds. I pointed out that the anxiety has just been awful and asked if there was a medication he would recommend. Since I have exhausted all different avenues, I would like to try a minimum dose of something to ease his anxiety spells. The doc. did not agree since the school year was ending. HMMM...... Is this right???? I tried to plead my case, but the Dr. had the final say, unfortunately. We are just going to do the best we can without additional meds.

Jacob is still reporting kids picking and threatening him at school, the ones that were picking on him on the bus. He is really upset and thinks the kids are out to hurt him. I am not so sure they won't due to the incidents last year and earlier this year with those same kids. Thank God tomorrow is Saturday!!

May 18 - Upon awaking, Jake said he did not sleep well, however I sent him to school this day. When he returned from school, he reported he had a headache. Poor guy! My heart goes out to him. Hang in there, only a few more weeks left of school buddy!

May 19 - Once again, a headache after school. He also reported some uncontrolled eye rolling. He said his eyes were moving around and he couldn't stop it. He was very sad and upset by it. I tried to ease his mind and comfort him. We crossed out another day closer to summer vacation.

May 21 - Another sleepless night for Jake. I kept him home from school in the morning so he could sleep and get some rest. A visit to the Chiro first before I took him to school in hopes an adjustment would help. He is still under care at least 2 times a week, as long as I can afford it.
We have exhausted all allowed Chiro visits, now I am paying out of pocket each time I go.

Looking forward to a camping trip in our new camper the end of the month-Jake loves the outdoors!

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