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Saturday, August 1, 2009

April 2009

April seemed to be a very rocky month for Jake. He was very sensitive and emotional for starters. The school days were difficult for him. A number of issues came up at school resulting in a number of phone calls home. The phone calls I do not mind one bit. They keep us in constant communication, and I think are a huge benefit for all (teacher, Jake, &I). We can sometimes resolve problems by talking Jacob through a situation. I very much appreciated his teacher to use this as a tool, and deal with issues as they come up during the day instead of waiting until who knows when. These phone calls may seem like we are coddling Jake too much for being in 5th grade, but I think it comforts him as well as extinguishes his fires.
Also I appreciate my boss's latitude for taking the calls, as she is very understanding and advocates for kids with special needs. She (my boss ) also lets me leave work on a dime if I absolutely need to go up to the school. She was in a much more challenging situation than mine, so she understands that my child's needs should come before my job. I know I am very lucky in this area, and probably will not find another employer that grants me the flexibility I have now.
Jake's anxiety was elevated when he received a small spider bite. One of his peers told him that he "would die in 2 weeks" from the bite, and of coarse Jake believed the kid. Which led to Jacob over reacting and obsessing about it. He told his teacher, and of coarse that was one of the phone calls I received during the day. I tried to assure Jake that nothing was going to happen of coarse, and his teacher also tried to comfort him. Trying to get any idea out of Jacobs head, is nearly impossible sometimes. He will obsess about a certain thing for days, months and even years! I really don't think he gets the concept of time, and is not able to have closure.
During Science class (mainstream), one of Jacobs teachers noticed him placing 2 tennis balls and a pencil down by his crotch area. He said he wanted to make the other kids laugh, however the teacher wasn't laughing. She labeled it "sexual harassment" and off to the office he went. Oh boy, another phone call to mom. The consequences was for Jacob to eat lunch alone, separated from the lunchroom, and no recess for the rest of the week. It was hard for me to keep a straight face through this one. I am questioning this mainstreaming idea. Thinking it is not so good for Jake. The teachers don't seem to have the same patience, and Jake is getting penalized for their lack of teaching skills. They seem to be more rigid, less flexible.
Of coarse after every incident, at home we have to have a heart to heart, explain the reasoning, consequences behind it all. I tend not to punish him at home, because he is already getting the consequences at school. However, I feel I need to still address it at home.
Thank you God for getting us through April!!!!

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