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Thursday, October 2, 2008

September 30, 2008

According to Jake he says he is "doing okay" in school. He says he is not feeling overwhelmed ands feels comfortable. There has been a few incidents at school with other children, however he and the ESAP has been able to handle everything that has come along. His special services have kicked in, however I am not sure what they are exactly, and I think Jacob is still off track with being unprepared in the classroom, and knowing what homework he has and bringing home so we can work on it. Very little papers are brought home, I just hope his locker or desk is not stuffed with papers! And his planner is not being filled out, or brought home at all. I didn't think he could handle it, as all the other students can. I realize the teacher can't babysit him, but he does need extra help in this area. He writes so large, and those boxes are so small for each subject, and he has so much trouble copying things from the board, he has never got the hang of it. When he comes home I have to play 20 questions with him and still don't have the whole story of what needs to be done if anything-and he has no clue either. I have been in touch with his main teacher and he seems very open and seems like he wants to help Jake succeed the best to his ability. But its been a month since school has started-I don't think Jake is on a smooth program yet. I wanted to get all this down at the very beginning, in hopes of getting Jake off on the right foot. It just hasn't worked out.

Jacob's attitude has done a 180, he seems back to his ol self again. Our pattern has been that I take him roller skating on Wednesdays, and Laser Tag on Saturdays, and he seems to look forward to those days. He got his bike back and said he learned his lesson. I hope so! He tugged at my heart asking me if I hate him.....He doesn't put the 2 AND 2 together of cause and effect. It is so hard for him, and so easy for others to just get.

Jacobs Epiphany! Out of blue Jacob said to me "mom, I know what ask and tell is" "ask is when you ask someone a question like: where is my scarf? and tell is when you are telling someone something like: go over there and get my ball". Yeah!!! Jacob!! It seems like something small, but we have been working on this for ask and tell FOREVER! He just never got it. It has been so hard for him to understand all this time-now being 10 years old he understands ASK and TELL! I asked him how he figured it out, and he told me that it just came to him. A LIGHT WENT ON FOR HIM IN HIS LITTLE HEAD! As a mom whom has a LD child, such a little thing is not little. Its a huge accomplishment for my child!!

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