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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Difficult Times

September 25, 2008

It has not been an easy time for Jake the last few weeks. His behavior has changed, and I chalk it up to being hormones emerging. He has constantly been asking for things and when I turn him down because his requests have been so unreasonable, he has a fit. He gets mad and angry, deliberately doing things to spite me, acts like a spoiled kid. He wants me to buy him games, to buy a wii. Every day is something new. I try to explain the concept of money to him but Jake just doesn't want to hear it. I won't buy toys/games on a whim-only for holidays for special occasions. Also he is deliberately doing things he should not-the house smelled of smoke one day, he was lighting matches in his room!!! Don't think he knew of the repercusions of his actions, but when I questioned him, he deliberately lied about knowing anything about it, and finally fessed up with a match book in his pocket. His attitude just stinks lately!

Jacob is still not happy about him being grounded from his bike-he keeps pushing me like I will give in - and I WON'T! He needs to learn from his mistakes.

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