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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Injured at School - October 2, 2008

Yesterday I got a phone call to come to the school before lunchtime. Another child pulled the chair out as Jacob was sitting down, and Jake hit the back of his head. I'm thankful to the school for calling me! When I went to the school I saw he had a small bump and a bruise, concerned with Jake's eye problem and possible concussion I took him home.
Jacob turned out to be fine, his head just sensitive around the bump. I am hoping he will get past this, as he tends to hang on to his negative things that happen to him unable to have closure for some reason. The school assured me that this matter will be taken care of with the other child. Last year he had problem with this kid picking on him and was very angry with Jacob. I'm not very happy with the situation, and I do not blame the school for the child's action, however I ask myself: why is it always Jacob? Last year he got punched, threatened, kicked, etc. He is an easy target I believe. The schools seem to know about bullying, but they can't seems to stop it. I hoped it would settle down this year now that Jacob was in a different school.
It seems like I have been living at the school lately-lunch money lost, a phone call from Jake when he was having a tough day, lots of issues this week! Will it slow up a little? This could be a full time job.

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