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Sunday, October 5, 2008

October 4, 2008 Our appt with therapist and psychiatrist went well this week. Actually we are going to skip a week with the therapist since things are going pretty well, and my work has slowed way down-so that means limited money coming in. Doc. said we should just maintain his amount of Celexa right now. I agreed, ups and downs are usual with everybody and he needs to use some of the tools he learned to try and solve his problems. We are rescheduled to see Doc. in 4 weeks and therapist in 2 weeks.

After a disappointing day at Laser tag - there was no other kids there to play with, I have to say Jacob was disappointed but handled it well. He just came home and got involved in other things. He did not dwell on it, or act like his life depended on playing the game. It was a good day!

On Jake's appointment day, he forgot and took the bus, instead of going out another school door and meeting me. On that day, I reminded him before going to school, just before I dropped him off at school in the am, plus he called home twice and reminded him, and he still took the bus. Thats example of his memory problems! We were late for the appt by 20 minutes, so next time I have to pick him up-I will tell his resource room teacher. I just thought he could handle it this year, and I wanted to cut down the parent communication to the school a bit. I don't want to seem like a pest! Always calling them...they do have Other Students Too!

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