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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I can tell one of Jacobs teacher is getting frustrated, and maybe he is getting penalized due to his disorganization and memory problems. I cleaned out his desk and found a load of papers of all sorts. Some he has done twice, some just needs my signature, and some are completely blank. A meeting is scheduled soon with his teachers and resource room teacher so we can get this all straightened out. Jacob can't remember what he needs to take home, is unable to fill out his planner. I know we all can get on a system, Jacob just needs some training and we needs a better system in place. A few days ago I just found out about a project that was assigned about 10 days ago. Thank goodness the teacher is giving Jacob more time to work on it!!

Jacob has had papers due, not turned in and missing assignments. I need to go to his desk and see what I can find. His planner is not being filled out so I can't keep track on what needs to be done and when. His executive skills definitely need help, I will try and brain storm with his teacher to figure it out. It is definitely over his head, as he has tried to take on this by himself.

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