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Monday, October 20, 2008

School Field Trip

After driving and chaperoning for a school field trip, it was easy to compare how my son was so different than the other children. It was at a beautiful outdoor area full of trees, where groups of approx. 14 kids were put together. The purpose of the trip was to get to know other school peers, and perform team building activities. Most of activities were mental, such as figuring out how to pass an item without using your hands, or how to balance a teeter-todder with all 14 children on it, or using your memory. Certainly was not Jacobs cup of tea. Unfortunately he found it " boring ". The only challenge that he did enjoy was a rope swing, where each of the children had to catch one another when they swung to another area. Also they needed to help each other to keep standing on a wooden block, and could not fall off. What I observed throughout most of the day was a child that was clearly out of the loop. He did not pay attention to the directions and when it was his turn to participate, he did not know what to do. He stood in line, but didn't help to solve any problems, or keep up with the conversations. He was just in his own little world. Fortunately the adult leader was very patient with Jacob, repeated directions to him and helped him a lot, and so did all of the children. I was pleasantly surprised about that, but also sad of what I saw. Nobody saw Jacob's imagination or people skills that he has.

Meeting at School -
I thought the meeting with the involved teachers was a success! They took some ideas that I have given, and I also promised that I would try to keep up on Jacobs desk, checking for loose papers, assignments that were done. I now know what expectations that we can set for Jacob to start taking some responsibility. I feel good about the group of teachers this year! With all of us combined, I know Jacob will have a successful year of learning to his potential!!

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