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Friday, September 12, 2008

Trouble with Peers

Just when I thought things were going well, something had happened with Jacob last night. I want to go into my mother hen mode, to take him and tuck him under me to protect him. On the other hand, I have to chalk it up to a life experience, and try to teach Jacob what he can learn from this situation and teach him to move on ahead not to spoil his self esteem. Jacob was called gay and other nasty words, slapped, kicked in the crotch and abandoned by a group of kids that he thought were his new friends. It took awhile trying to get out of him: who, what and where this happened, and knowing I didn't get all this information, I do believe I get the gist of it. His big brother Zack was in on this conversation and tried to make Jacob feel better telling him "no one beats up my brother, except me", but Jacob didn't get Zack was making a joke. Jacob had a hard time getting to sleep last night and felt uneasy this morning too. I tried to get Jacob to think about how friends should treat each other, etc. I told him we will take care of it when he gets home from school today. I am contemplating whether or not to go down the block and talk to some parents. I certainly don't want this to elevate.

Bullying - Aspergers kids are prone to being teased because they are just a little bit different, immature, and not a good judge of character. They just want to fit in but, don't know the social "game" of peers, are misread and misunderstood. They are an easy target.

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