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Friday, September 19, 2008

Sept. 15

After confronting the boys mother, I hope we got this all straightened out. We agreed that there was not enough supervision and a few of us parents gave our kids some freedom at the same time. This could have turned out badly-as my previous talk with a parent did. A grudge was held, and now the boys are not Friends anymore. I'M so grateful this situation turned out well! I told my son, he is more than welcome to invite his new friend over to our house any play, but not cruise the neighborhood anymore.
I also told him not to ride his bike up to the school. He can ride around the block, but no more to the school. I explained why: that those kids are probably up to no good, and he could get into trouble. He could get beat up or worse, offered drugs, or get in trouble for something he didn't even participate in. Of coarse, he did not understand this-all he thought, and I heard was" mom, your ruining my life!".... oh boy!

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