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Friday, September 19, 2008

gotcha! consequences

I ended up taking away his bike for a week after catching Jacob red handed on his bike at the school. Twice.
He is having a fit-does not seem to understand the trust thing. A good parent sets limits, and when the limits are broken there has to be consequences. I keep saying that to myself, and know it is true, but hard to do.
Its easier to brush it off. But being a parent with a ASD kid, they do not learn life's lessons easily. Its not an excuse, but a fact. In fact, we have to work harder with our kids so they can understand.
Consequences seem so easy to understand-but Jake doesn't get the concept. He never has. He never learns from his mistakes. Can I get him to?? I know it is common for ASD kids to not understand that.....but there has to be a way of teaching him, even if it takes years. I want to do this before it is too late. Before he gets in trouble with the law, and then we have big problems. Can I teach him this??? If I do this-then that will happen. In his early years of school, he never seems to get these lessons correct - at the Lutheran School.
He definitely needs some more social skills training!!!!!! Getting older comes larger problems.

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