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Friday, September 19, 2008

After brain storming with my better half, and I told him what had happened with grounding Jacob from his bike, we knew Jacob just wants to have friends, badly. He wants to be accepted. He wants to be cool. And we don't want him getting in with the wrong crowd-so we are going to have to get him into some after school activities with other peers. So we will know exactly where he will be and there will be some supervision. That would make us both happy. I knew Jacob needed this, but was waiting for school to settle in to know how much homework he would have, and see if he would have time for this. So, my search is on. Most sports are out, because of his eyes, but he is very physical, and needs that vigorous physical activity. I would love him to get back to church- we used to be involved quite a bit-but left after finding we did not belong there. I will have to look.

Sept. 15th - Therapist Appt. Jake was in an unusual mood, even the therapist remarked she had never seen him like today. I found him, taking his shoes off, laying on the ground, putting his feet on the chair..... I don't know what that was all about. I told him that was rude behavior, and was a bit embarraced, and apologized to her... ?? Im clueless.

I have not heard from the schools Resource Room teacher, she is supposed to be in charge of Jacob, making sure he is getting all his services and extra help in his academics. I am getting worried that Jake will become overwhelmed, and frustrated. Then meltdowns occur...then back in the depression. It was so hard getting him through this summer, and back on track. I have emailed the teacher asking when I should hear something, and spoke to another RR teacher casually about it. I know I shouldn't be a yappy parent, like one of those small dogs who won't shut up, but I can't help myself. As every day goes by, I just pray Jacob will continue to have good days.

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