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Thursday, September 4, 2008

July August September 2008

4th Grade - July 8, 2008 Psychiatrist Med. Evaluation Appt. Doc. increased his value again, now at 15 mg of Celexa. Jacob continues his good behavior, limited meltdowns and less moodiness. He is trying to be helpful at home, and we are even working on math facts. Jacob seems proud of himself that he can accomplish our goals! He is looking forward to a family vacation next week.
July 10 -14th 2008 Family Vacation - Ken and I were able to spend a lot of time with Jacob, and just focus on him and his needs. We definitely spoiled him rotten! Zackery decided to stay at home with a friend, so he did not go with us. We let Jacob choose where he wanted to eat, what to do next, etc. He even stayed an extra day at Great Wolf Lodge with his cousin! He had the time of his life! Its great to see a smile on his face and my Jacob back!

July 16 - 18, 2008 Autism Conference with Dixon, IL I attended with my friend, and my head was crammed with information. It was a wonderful experience! The speakers included: Tony Attwood, well known for studying Autism the last 20 years, Temple Grandin, has a PhD in animal sciences, and asst. professor at Colorado University-she has Autism, Shiela Wagner and Susan

An unbelievable experience to have all the greats with their first hand knowledge. I got of an understanding about sensory problems, and ideas to help in the class room atmosphere, and more knowledge about why Jacob does certain things. It appears the sensory stimulation really adds to and causes Jacobs meltdowns. There is no doubt now, Jacob has Aspergers Syndrome, they described him to a "T". I will share this information in my next blog of things we can do to help our children with ASD.

July and August 2008 the rest of the summer - Jacob continued to get better! Our last visit with the Psychiatrist in August, the doc raised his prescription of Celexa to 20 mg a day. Jacob was getting nervous about school approaching, and having some anxiety in early August, and unable to control it, so the doc. raised his meds.He is on still much less than the allowed dosage for his weight and age, and its working beautifully! Doc sees no need to change or add any additional medications. Good news! Enjoying his added freedom riding his bike, we now allow Jake to ride his bike up the street to the school, and to the corner store. It has added to his self confidence. Our plan for a good transition this year is to ease into the school and deal with anxieties that he had previously. We have also visited his new school a few times so far, meeting a lot the staff, and touring the building. Last year he had big problems getting lost in his school, causing a lot of anxiety. So he is panicked this year, I assured him we will go to his new school as many times as it takes to feel comfortable before the first day. The school staff has been awesome so far! We will go one more time yet and meet his main teacher, as school is in 2 days! He can see the classroom, maybe ask the teacher for his classroom rules and go over them, and see the entire school one more time. I have already talked to school staff about getting Jacob on the bus, and his anxieties. I am worried that he will fall right back into the depression he was in. I am hoping the teachers are well filled in on ASD characteristics--and have lots of solutions, and will work with Jacob and I.
We went to the mall today and out to lunch. I allowed Jake to pick out a back pack and a new pair of shoes. A really big deal for him! Next he invited his friend over for the afternoon, for a last hurrah! Soon I will have to start thinking about some added rules: cutting back on the TV and video games during the week, as not to distract the boys with their homework duties. It won't be hard to enforce if I am home when they are!
September 2nd - We met Jacobs new teacher at the school today. I gave him a copy of my blog because it best describes Jacob, and I'm not sure if has ever taught any other ASD kids before. The teacher went over a few of the class rules and had shown Jacob where his seat would be. Jacob seemed to join in on the conversation too and asked him a few questions. We also went down other halls of the school again, just to get Jacob more familiar and even went into the Media Center and checked out that room too. I'm glad we went one last time, so Jacob would have a good experience and not feel so out of place and panicked on his first few days. He will have a lot of information to take in, and if he feels relaxed about the atmosphere he has a better chance of having a good experience the first few days. Getting off on the right foot is so important!!!
I can tell all these trips is really helping him adjust. He seems to feel confident and excited, rather than scared and withdrawn. He is worried about the bus, and getting lost. But I told him he has so many people looking out for him, we won't let him get lost!

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