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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

4th Grade - April, thru June 2008

April 28th - Therapist Its hard to open up and talk with a stranger, but this person is very nice. Jacob doesn't like me explaining what his behavior has been like, he seems very upset and even weeps a little. But I think its important to be honest, and for her to know exactly how Jacob is behaving. The melt downs continue, crying fits every night after school. His teachers tell me he refuses to do any work. And he tells me he just doesn't know what to do. More is happening with other children in the halls and at lunch, lots of confrontations. Jacob seems so sensitive, upset very easily. A lot at home when he can't find a toy, or make the computer work a certain way. He just cries and cries. He is threatening to hurt himself and others. Although I don't think he will hurt another, just concerned about himself. I don't think he understands the implications of hurting himself. I find myself of edge and loosing patience with Jacob. I know I shouldn't, but its night after night. He does not want to listen to my advice at all, and dwells on everything. He feels like a complete geek at school and unaccepted. He is even thinking that everyone is against him, like its a conspiracy. I told it that its his mind playing tricks on him.....I just hope we can get in with the Psychiatrist soon.

April 29th - 2nd Social Skills Class - Jacob seems to enjoy the class, he has even met a buddy!

May 5, 2008 Therapist Appt. Jacob seems to be adapting to the new therapist. He said he liked her better than the last one. I was hesitant to switch, as he was just getting to know her. And now he has to start all over with the same questions, and getting to know each other. She is now meeting with Jacob for 1/2 the session alone, and doing some "play therapy" I call it. As long as Jacob likes her, Im happy too, maybe he will make some progress with her ! It didn't seem like he was getting anywhere with the first one. He still seems sluggish, and non-energetic at the appointment. I still don't see us making any progress, but will keep going. I know this takes time.

May 6th and 13th Social Skills Class

May 13, 2008 School MET/IEP and Transition Meeting with the TEAM . Jacobs classification has officially changed to include Autism/Aspergers, Speech & Language,and Vision Impaired. The news from his teachers also was more positive, that he was doing better and showing effort. Recommendations for next year include no locker partner, use planner, before school and lunch possibly go into new Resource room teacher for limited contact with others, plan trips to new school in August to reduce anxiety.

May 19, 2008 Therapy Jacob basically sat slumped in his chair, with his hand supporting his head. He didn't say much, nor shown much emotion except for frowning. His eyes would start to tear up when I was talking to the therapist about his sad behavior.

May 20, 2008 Psychiatrist Evaluation his diagnosis: Pervasive Depression. He explained that Asperger's children are usually on a combination of medications. He labeled Jacob "sensitive" to medications, when I explained his hallucinations and agitation from the ADHD medications prescribed by his pediatrician. (That is why I am very hesitant to start him on anything else). He assured me will will go slow, and try very small increases at a time. He prescribed Celexa 5 mg a day to be taken at night, and come back in 3 weeks for a med. review. There should be no side effects.

June 10, 2008 Appt with Psychiatrist. Through my observations, and it has only been a few weeks since administering Celexa, Jacobs moods have been an improvement: he is no longer having crying spells everyday, has really cut down to a few bad days, and seems to be able to deal with things, better i.e. school better. No side effects. The Doc is pleased, and increased the Celexa to 10 mg/day,and return in 3 weeks to review.

June 16th 2008 I have noticed a GREAT change in Jacob. He is definitely handling disappointments and his emotions better. His mood seems more stable and evened out, not so much up and down. He is also taking on more responsibility at home, the comments have stopped about his looks, and he does not cry over things he normally would have. Jacob even notices a change in himself. For the first time he knew that what he was feeling was unhealthy, and he even remarked how much better he feels and the way his reactions to issues, and he is not as sad. He asked me how I like the "new Jacob"! We are definitely on the right path, combination of therapy and medication. I hope it continues like this for him. Now we need to build up his self esteem some how.

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