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Monday, November 30, 2009

November 2009

By November things started to go quickly go from bad to worse at school. There were numerous incidents with other children that were just not getting resolved in Jacobs mind. It caused many, many missed days of school because of belly aches due to stress. Jake was not getting the sleep he needed, his mind was just circling different issues and he was stressed at the amount of work and the advanced way it was presented. When he got home from school, or sometimes just when he got in the car after school, it was pure melt-down for the rest of the entire evening. It's all he could think about was about what had transpired during school, and hardly anything will pull his mind out of it. Day after day it was the same thing. I made an appointment with his physician for a medication review. I am thinking that he may need a higher dose of celexa, after all he has been on the same dose and for awhile and he has grown quite a bit. I hate to see my child suffering and going through such a hard time. I just know something has to change because I am very concerned for Jacob's mental health at this point. I know he is miserable.

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