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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 2009

I have heard some interesting and pleasing news about Chiropractors, and how it has reduced some symptoms, so we have given it a try. Previous to our first appointment I told the Chiropractor that Jacob had ASD and the Doc. was eager (a brand spanking new) to help. He was very young, full of fire, and very down to earth. Right away Jacob took to the Doctor. The office was very inviting with warm colors and pictures throughout. During the first visit after the x-rays, the Doctor even invited Jacob into the developing room and had shown Jacob how to develop our x-rays. How cool is that? I knew it would be a great match. Jacob was very comfortable with the surroundings.
At the first adjustment, Jacob yelled out loudly as he heard the sounds of his bones cracking. Jacob tends to over dramatize everything. I am sure it didn't hurt, it was just surprising to him and different than he ever experienced. At the end of each visit, the young doctor asks for a hug, and Jacob obliges happily. I have scheduled several visits, we will see what kind of results we get from the adjustments.

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