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Sunday, August 31, 2008


March 2008 Jacob has had a hard year socially and it seems like he hasn't made any great strides academically either. Most of his papers come back poorly finished or undone. The school has made concessions but the interference with other kids is effecting his abilities to learn. Jacob is seeming to spiral downward in his self confidence and mental thinking. He thinks everyone hates him, even the teachers. He seems confrontational and does not think his is at any fault. He is crying constantly at home, the smallest things upset him. He gets frustrated and mad easily leading to fits that last for long periods. I am looking for help with a therapist.


Why Im seeking help for Jacob: 1. Many problems at school with peers. 2. School recommended counseling because of so many problems 3. affecting hme and his learning at school 4. Help sort out relationship with his Dad.
She phoned earlier in the week to find out the particulars on Jacob and his background. Dee seemed well informed about ASD, and seems well suited for Jacob. Meeting with us both for about 40 minutes, she had given me some tips and ideas, a website for CHADD. She told me to learn as much as I can about his disorder, join a group for parents.

April 2 2008 Our 2nd appointment with Dee, Therapist
We both met again with Dee, continued with the interview process-asking lots of questions from Jacob and I. Giving me some more tips and giving Jacob some tough love too. She said she would give the school a call with my permission and talk to , the school psychologist.

April 4 2008 Therapist Called -she talked with the school told me there were some things that I could do/not do to help. 1. Use the Planner (we just started using one a few weeks back), that would help with Jacobs organization. 2. I need to report directly to Jacobs teacher. I guess there are so many people in the mix, that Mrs Y is being left out. 3. Dee found me enabling Jacob, making excuses for him, and he is looking for me to get bailed out. I had never thought of it that way. I felt like I was the one just trying to get things sorted out, and was not blaming anyone......

April 8th Appt. with Therapist. She suggested a Social Skills Class for Jacob - it starts next weeks and runs for 10 weeks. We signed him up. This is for good decision making, self confidence, how to deal with stress and communication

April 11th School Meeting - With TEAM members, to decide if we should change his program to include Autism. Concern over his behavior and academics lately. Assessments will be given, and we will reconvene in May for the results of Jacobs tests. ASDS Scale was given to me to fill out and meet with Social Worker.

April 16, 2008 Met with School Social Worker, to turn the filled out evaluation forms. I went over why I thought Jacob was Asperbergs, as the school needs certain qualifications and criteria to classify him under the label Autism, so he can get the support he will need next year. She has periodically met with Jacob the second half of this year, and I have spoken with her a few times before. At the end of our meeting Mrs. Social Worker said she has no doubt in her mind that we should change his disability to include the Aspergers. I walked away from the meeting very pleased, and felt Jacob would get more help next yr.

June 2008

School is Out for Summer! I don't know if Jacob is more relieved or I. We hope he is on the right track now, but the big question for us is how to build up his self esteem. How? I've never had to worry or think about that before, until now, all children should have a happy childhood. Knowing all the pressure is now all off since school has ended, and want him just to focus on getting better. And does Jake realize how he is feeling?? I know his disorder has become serious now, I just hate to put some drug in that little skinny body of his, and I have heard so much negative talk about anti-depressants. However, it has come to the point that we have to try it, or I feel like he will just slip away.

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