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Friday, June 3, 2011


I just came back from a much needed rest from the rest of the world. It was a was an empowering time for me, attending the Autism One Conference in Chicago, among other parents and professionals on the same path as I. Instantly I found a connection with every single person I came in contact with, and that is an amazing feeling since there has been so many times where I felt alone.

Often it seems like the rest of the world just doesn't understand or have any compassion on what our family is going through. I get to the point where I question myself, asking am I making too much of Jacobs challenges? Everyone has issues they have to deal with, no one is perfect. Everyone has to overcome some personal challenge in their lives, right?

After meeting so many parents with the children having the same challenges, I begin to feel better. No, I'm not making too much of Jacob's disability. We struggle every single day with this. I say we because it involves our whole family. We are in the moment with Jacob explaining to him why he shouldn't tell another person X, getting him motivated enough to get dressed in the morning, making sure he doesn't drink a whole liter of Coke in 3 hours, dealing with his anxiety building.

So when there is a group of parents dealing with exact same issues as our family, trying to get answers as to why the Autism rate is sharply rising, and how to help our children, the feeling is overwhelmingly positive. Besides the wealth of information on a number of subjects, the bonding experience is indescribable.

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