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Thursday, December 9, 2010

One More Small Step Forward

After careful consideration, Jake was put on a low dose of additional of medication to help with his moods and compulsions over a month ago. To sum it up he would often get agitated easily and lash out, and have certain compulsive thoughts and actions, impacting him negatively every day. This is another one of Jacobs "symptoms" that effects the whole household.

Of coarse the Doc. is very careful and starts on the smallest dosage, then increases slowly so we can see if there are any bad effects and it well tolerated. So far, so good no adverse side effects except for his ferocious appetite. In the 6 weeks or so being on the new medicine he has gained a whopping 10 pounds! In lieu of this recent weight gain, we have concentrated on the food in the house, making sure there are lots of fruits and veggies cut up and ready. Much to my surprise, my son has realized his increased appetite, understands it is due to this new medication and is positive about making different food choices. Additionally, Jacob is also involved with hockey and basketball, and in school he has phys. ed daily, so he is getting lots of physical activity.

A definite keeper! His mood is much more stabilized and he is not having as much compulsive thoughts. I'm not sure if we are on the correct dosage yet, but he is definitely going in the right direction! Hurray! One more step up!

The decision to treat my child with medication has been a heart wrenching decision, especially being on more than one! I don't recommend it to anyone, but only when to have the brightest physician on your side, and be well informed and take it extremely slow. There has been several different things we have tried first before going this route, and also believe without this intervention, Jacob could not be as happy and productive as he is. I do admit, I too take medication daily, and without it, I don't do well, so I realize what the right medicine can do. It has helped me think more clearly which greatly impacts my daily living.

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