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Friday, January 15, 2010

We tried to take it easy during Christmas break, although there were still many sleepless nights for Jake. The excitement of the season led to much anxiety causing Jacob to play events over and over in his head which he was unable to shut off. He also seemed quick to aggravate causing lots of yelling and outbursts.
A trip to pediatrician was made in hopes the Doc would increase his medication. Jake had a growth spurt adding extra pounds, so maybe he needed a tune up as far as dosage goes. Unfortunately the Doc would not make the increase, and suggested a Psychiatrist. Months earlier we had a Psychiatrist to administer Jacobs meds but it became financially overwhelming for us to pay for the visits. We have huge co-pays with mental health and deductibles to be met. This year we have spent more on medical than any other year, and both Ken and my work has been anything but steady.
The effects of Jacobs behavior was rubbing off on the whole family. It was wearing me down. I was unable to be as patient as I usually was, and at this time of year I myself struggle with depression. I found myself quick tempered and on edge.
Ken was intolerable to Jacobs crying fits, he seems unsympathetic and uninterested in trying to fix what was bothering his son. This in turn bothered me, because I was depending on my husband to jump in and help out when he was home. But instead he either went to another part of the house where he couldn't hear Jacob sobbing or would leave the house all together. Jacobs older brother had enough with the outbursts and crying every single day. It would mostly bother him at the end of the day when he was studying. He began yelling at Jacob, which lit Jacobs fire even more. We were all were suffering.

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