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Thursday, May 7, 2009

February/March 2009

Lots of belly aches in a row for Jacob. I know it has to be his diet. When I am not in control of what he eats, Jacob makes bad choices for himself therefore upsetting his delicate tummy! We figured pop is a big no-no. There is lots of acid in it (besides the sugar).
I had to get involved with a bullying incident that has been happening on the bus. I have been trying to get Jacob to handle these incidences with other kids on his own, but this particular one seems like it is escalating. The kids who ride the bus one grade older than Jacob seem to be blocking the back seats, telling Jacob he cannot sit in certain seats. One kid tripped Jacob on the aisle, and name calling has been an issue as well. This has been going on for a few weeks in a row. When Jacob arrives home from the bus ride in the afternoon, he is in tears complaining about the same kids. After speaking with the principal a few times, the principal wanted Jacob to have an assigned set, at the front of the bus so that the drive could keep an eye on him. The other boys were talked to, but Jacob could not communicate his whole story to the principal. That left her thinking Jacob was not truthful. I was not pleased with the outcome. If the boys were bullying, then why should they be able to remain on the bus? Why does Jacob have to have an assigned set? The front seat is not adequate because of the noise factor of the drivers radio. Earlier in the year we had a problem with the driver turning the volume on high and Jacob just could not stand that noise plus all the noise from the other kids. Should I give in or fight? Is this battle worth it? Not this time, and I think I will have to pick Jacob up from school every day. It really that much of an inconvenience, except for leaving work a few minutes early. I think I will save my energy on this one.

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