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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Jacobs Thanksgiving Day didn't go so well. If you would ask him why, he would tell you: "the twins". Newly adopted cousins, two boys, age 4 have been welcomed into our family last Spring. At first, Jacob was excited but it hasn't took very long for that feeling to turn sour. After spending some time with the highly energetic and curious boys, he resents them and does not want anything to do with them. Jacob was worried the week before Thanksgiving, about the twins. He did not want them to come to the family gathering on this holiday, (which was out of the question). He even had problems sleeping, because he was busy thinking about them.

Unable to stay asleep
The melatonin doesn't seem to be doing its job the last few weeks. Jacob goes to sleep at his usual bed time, around 8:30 p.m. and wakes up in the middle of the night. Then he is up the rest of the night until morning. I ask him if he is thinking about anything, and his answer is usually no. He is getting lots of exercise during the day, no excessive sugar and no caffeine. He has tried reading when he wakes. I just don't get it! Why??? This is yet another issue I would love to get to the bottom of. I need answers!
One day I sent him to school after a sleepless night, and it was a total mistake. He was like a limp noodle, unproductive, his main classroom teacher took him down to the resource room because he was not cooperating. I got a phone call from the school telling me what happened and asking if I want to pick him up from school. I told the school about Jacob not sleeping at night. I suggested to get Jacob a snack from his bag-hoping he would get some energy from that, and I spoke to Jacob for a little bit trying to encourage him. My message to him was; some days you are tired and sleepy but you have to try and turn it around, pull your self out of it, & get through the day", The school saw my point, kept him in school and tried to do their best with him. Later that afternoon I had learned from the teacher that Jake just could not get with it, he was like a zombie (my words) and could not get ANY work out of him. When he came home he was very emotional, and cranky. Okay, I learned something from this. I tried to be tough. I don't want to be "an enabler". I was wrong for sending him to school that day.
More Sleep Problems-It seems like at least twice a week Jacob has been unable to stay asleep at night. I continue to ask myself why and can't come up with any answers. I need to bring this up to the next Psychiatrist visit.
I learned my lesson, when Jacob does not sleep through the night, I allow him to sleep in the morning, and then take him to school. He misses a half of day, but at least he is functional that half. It has worked out for everyone, including the teachers that have to deal with Jacob. I still ask myself "am I doing the right thing by not sending him in the morning?"

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